Now You Can Travel In Space Without Being An Astronaut!



Yes…now you can travel in space without being an astronaut! Sounds surreal? It’s unbelievable but true!

For those with wanderlust, ‘space tourism’ will soon be a reality. Space tourism is an emerging trend where tourists can travel in space for recreational, leisure or business purposes. Space tourism is fast gaining popularity, and this year, American space transport services company, SpaceX, announced that it will be sending two tourists on a lunar-free return trajectory in 2018, aboard their Dragon V2 spacecraft.

It can well be said that ‘space tourism’ now is the future of travel and is here to stay. However, space traveling isn’t just for anyone and everyone and cannot be undertaken on impulse. It requires an enthusiastic tourist to undergo months of intense training and clear certain health and fitness tests. One also needs to shell out a huge sum of money for a space sojourn; for example, around 20-40 million dollars.


Now billionaire Jeff Bezos’ private spaceflight company ‘Blue Origin’ is making it possible for paying customers to go for a trip in space in space tourism capsule. The first customer flights will take place in 2018.

For more info on space tourism and how it’s gonna work, go through this link below:


Space Tourism Capsule


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