Power Naps: Are you getting some?


According to latest research on health and wellness, an afternoon ‘cat nap’ or ‘power nap’ taken in between stressful office work, can remarkably benefit your health and help you recharge your batteries in the best possible way! Short naps aren’t signs of laziness; rather, a quick nap is damn good for boosting the immune system and for releasing stress and tension to the core.

Recent studies have also found that cat naps or power naps even lower frustration levels in individuals and diminish impulsiveness in characters. People who have trouble concentrating, losing focus have shown marked changes in their mental absorption by taking short naps. Short afternoon naps and power naps even help in compensating for deprived night’s sleep. These days, top corporate giants have gone a step further and have created ‘nap rooms’ for their employees in order to enhance their efficiency and daily output.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important benefits of a quickie nap:

  • A short snooze can boost your attentiveness thereby adding an extra dimension to your overall performance. According to National Sleep Foundation, a 30 minutes afternoon nap benefits every working professional in various ways.
  • A daily cat nap is a great way to fight fatigues, relax and reboot your body. Dozing for some time makes you feel better and rejuvenated and is perfect to kick start everything afresh!
  • If you’re having eye sight or other sensory issues of late, napping might help, as it restores the sensory sensitivity for many. Even creative blocks are cured by regular cat naps.
  • Bid adieu to heart attacks and coronary diseases with frequent naps. A study published by the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston shows that people who take regular siestas suffer 37% less heart attacks or different heart-related problems.
  • Short napping, especially taken in early afternoon, at about 2 p.m. have greater recuperative value than taken during any other time of the day.
  • Brief napping improves cognitive functioning and psychomotor performance, where brain tells the body to move. Shutting eyes for few minutes considerably increases short-term memory and improves learning.
  • Short naps can help in increasing alertness and reduce mistakes and accidents.
  • Napping also has psychological benefits. It can be a like mini vacation or a pleasant luxury. It’s an easy way for feeling recharged.
  • Heightens your creativity and senses.
  • Improves health. Napping provides your brain with a chance to rest and your body a chance to repair.
  • Improves mood, initiates feeling of contentment and well-being.

There are several other proven benefits of short naps or power naps. While a good night’s sleep is crucial, daily naps can help us stay afloat when we are sleep deprived. Those who have sound sleep at night, a short nap can escalate the performance of your body and mind to the next level!


If you are still undecided or bit apprehensive about how to take a nap in between your hectic working hours, check out the tips mentioned under:

  • Follow a particular time and slot for your afternoon siesta. It should not exceed 30 minutes to keep you feel revived and re-energized. If you exceed the time, chances are you might end up feeling groggy instead of all spruced up. So, a short nap is a healthy nap!
  • Always make sure to be regular in napping. Boost your circadian rhythms with usual naps.
  • Also pull a comforter, if possible. It’s just because while sleeping our metabolism rate drops. We tend to breathe slowly with a gradual decrease in body temperature when we slumber.
  • Do wear an eye mask to prevent the interference of light in your napping. Darkness is kind of a signal that alerts the brain and soothes your nerves. I suggested it because putting off the light in a work place is bit odd.
  • Set an alarm. It might be hard to fall asleep if you’re worried about waking up at the right time. Hence, setting an alarm takes the pressure off.
  • Find a quiet, undisturbed place to lie down. Turn off distractions like mobile phones. You can, however, listen to music with earplugs to doze off.

In fact, naps are just great! It revitalizes your mind and body and you are all set to face the next challenge with renewed vigor! So the next time if you find someone in your office napping, don’t brand him/her a lazy bum. Instead, give yourself the opportunity to snooze for some time. Happy Napping!! 🙂 🙂



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