6 upcoming travel destinations in India to engage your attention in 2017!

We all know that India celebrates its National Tourism Day on January 25th every year. This initiation was launched by the Indian Government to promote travel and tourism and boost economy in this South Asian Country with diverse terrain. As tourism is one of the strongest contributors in Indian economy, slight alterations hampers its GDP to a huge extent. For years, government and non-government initiations have tried their best to maintain India as one of the sought-after tourist destinations for travel freaks across the globe.

Each year more and more new and unexplored exotic hill resorts are joining the list of destinations in India. Credit goes to the relentless governmental efforts in providing good transportation facilities, food and accommodations to the travelers willing to visit these virgin locations. Today we are here to take a look at 6 places in India that are new to be found out. In this list few are bit commercialized while others are the emerging ones, worth exploring:


Jatayu Adventure Park: Also known as Jatayu Nature Park, this hottest new park is located in Kollam and the latest addition in hoards of other attractions in Kerala. Opened on November, 2016, this park is 35 kms away from Thiruvananthapuram. Perfect weekend stopover, this park is spread across 20 acres of land surrounded by rocky landscape. Besides other attractions, one can find a 200 feet long and 150 feet wide sculpture of the mythological semi-god character Jatayu. Adventure freaks can participate in various exciting sports like rock climbing, biking, zip lining, bouldering, paint ball, archery and others.

Kerala Tourism is also in the process of making this park as one of the top corporate venues for organizing team-building workshops.  In addition, the park provides ayurvedic spa packages in their cave looking resorts with modern amenities. The park has 500m cable car ride to the passengers in order to provide a 360 degree view of the amazing location. Special 400 seating arrangement cars from Switzerland with best safety standards have been imported to this park as well.


Daringbadi: This lesser known place is in Odisha and is known to experience snow during winter. Alternatively known as the Kashmir of Odisha, this verdant hill station is slowly gaining popularity as a ‘hidden jewel’ of East India. Naveen Pattnaik, the chief minister of Odisha opened a tribal museum at Daringbadi in 2016. Surrounded by pine jungles, green meadows and coffee plantations, this exclusive hill station is based 251 kms away from the capital city of Bhubaneswar.

Besides the eye-catching landscape, Daringbadi has other attractions like a recently developed nature camp to promote eco-tourism, Dasingbati Waterfall, Badangia Waterfall, Hill View Park, and Herbal Garden with butterflies, Herbal Picnic Garden, Lover’s Point and Belghar Sanctuary.


Drass: This barren mountain region is in Jammu & Kashmir. Second coldest place in the world, Drass is 60 kms away from Kargil. Also known as the ‘Gateway to Ladakh’, Drass village and its beauty came into notice in 1999. Based 10,990 feet above the sea level, Drass experiences -45 degree Celsius temperature in the winters. Tucked away from the city crowd, the exotic rocky terrain of Drass experiences huge production of apricot in the summers.  Off late, this place is slowly getting its entry in various bucket lists and may become one of the choicest locations for mountain and adventure lovers in the coming years.

Besides the pristine vistas, green fields, striking Drass River and patchwork of fields surrounding the waterbody, some of the main attractions of Drass include Dras War Memorial, Minamarg, Masjid E Jafria, and Ningoor Masjid. In addition, travelers can trek to Amarnath, Suru Valley, Saliskote and Mushko Valley nearby.


Nandan Van Zoo & Safari: Naya Raipur in Chhattisgarh might become a major tourist hotspot in the coming days as Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in November last year inaugurated Asia’s biggest man-made safari over here. Here he was seen clicking the man-eater from close proximity. At the same time, he also made clear that Chhattisgarh has huge potential to become a prospective tourist hotspot in the impending years.

Naya Raipur is about to become the first ‘new city’ of the 21st century. It is also about to become the sixth planned city after Jamshedpur, Gandhinagar, Navi Mumbai and Chandigarh. Spread across 202.87 acres of land, this zoo is divided into 8 zones like Parking Zone, Administrative Zone, Monument Zone, Waiting Zone, Water Zone, Zoo Zone, Safari Zone and Management Zone. Wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy Bear safari, Lion Safari, Herbivore Safari and Tiger Safari.  Additionally, the zoo has Rescue center, veterinary hospital and conservation and breeding center as well.


Sivasagar: Earlier spelled as ‘Sibsagar’ this historical town is located in upper Assam and a spot gradually gaining popularity among travelers and backpackers. The place was once the capital of the Ahoms 600 years back. Spread across 2668 sq kms, Sivasagar is 12 kms from Guwahati city. With improved road facilities and new trains, many hidden treasures of the north east are coming to the forefront.

The key attractions of this place include Sivasagar Tank, Rang Ghar, Joysagar Tank, Sivasagar Tai Museum, Talatal Ghar, Kareng Ghar, Vishnu Dol and Devi Dol, Charaideo and Ajan Pir Dargah and Shiva Dol.


Bhimbetka Caves: Though a UNESCO World Heritage Site, yet Bhimbetka is quite a lesser known attraction. Located in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh, Bhimbetka Rock Shelters showcases to the world the most ancient human imprints in Indian subcontinent. It is also believed that South Asian Stone Age to have started off this place. The primitive caves, their rock paintings and sculptures takes the visitors more than thirty thousand years back.

Interested to visit these promising biodiversity hotspots in India? Lose yourself in any of the aforesaid lesser known places this season and unravel its beauty to the world!


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