Winter 2017 Hottest Fashion Trends: 5 Wardrobe Essentials & Style Tips You Need To Follow!


You know it’s winter in full swing when mercury levels drop every day and chilly wintry winds sweep across your face. It’s a time when you like venturing out in the mellow winter sun, savoring hot, spicy food and sporting the latest trends. Now when I talk about fashion, winter has its own charm, charisma and warmth. Winter means a color riot and experimenting with a whole lot of fabrics, textures, styles and of course, accessories. With this year coming fast to a close, let’s find out what’s in store for winter fashion in the approaching year…

Layer It Up!


Oh yeah! That’s one reason why we all love this beautiful season! Winter is the only time when we get a chance of layering clothes in various shades and textures. Especially in colder climes, it’s quite fashionable to layer leather, polyester, cashmere, silks or satin along with heavy woolens, sweaters, coats and scarves. In the upcoming winter fashion 2017, layers will be in vogue; and you can still be a fashionista, loading up tons of layers! Ladies, go for an all-black outfit, drape your cutest jacket over your shoulders, cropped sweaters and long cardigans and wear your turtlenecks and throw over a collared jacket. Point being, if you’re wearing tons of layers on top, go for a slimmer silhouette on bottom. Also, wear a belt to emphasize your waist.

Men can team it up with a T-shirt with a full sleeve shirt over it and bomber jacket; T-shirt, denim jacket and overcoat; shirt, jumper and blazer; shirt, shawl collar cardigan and jacket and try out dark and moody prints.


Bold & Beautiful!


Winter is the time to be a little bold and wacky with fashion, so why not step out of the tried and tested and don something different? Try bold colors, prints, patterns and give your winter wardrobe a stylish twist. Color palette for 2017 would range from cool blue, aurora red, hot pink, fuchsia, mustard, clay, navy and cobalt blue, moss green, khaki and olive green, metallic hues, tangerine, coral red, emerald green, blackest black, lilac and pastel shades. Create your own style statement with classic leopard print scarves, bags, bottomwear, knit sweaterdress, printed colorful scarves, shift dresses, tuxedo jacket, bodysuits, pantsuits, faux fur coats, sharp-shouldered blazers, satins and velvets. You need not stick to big brands for being bold and stunning – everything can be worn from leather pants to miniskirts with a flirtatious touch!


For menswear, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can get a handsome and fearless look with lot of bold and unique styles – pick metallic colors in ties and jackets and pair them with plain suits; if you’re wearing something monochromatic, let your navy or silvery grey tie stand out; in accessories, pick a statement brooch and pin it on your overcoat lapel; try long trench coat over crop top; experiment with embellished bombers, neckerchiefs, pajama suits and knitted polo shirts. Overall, choose something that matches your personality!


Mix n Match!


Winter is versatile for mix and match with any possible shade, assorted accessories and outfits. Let your imaginations run wild and vivid and your collections do the talking! Think of graffiti miniskirts with fishnet stockings or super long coats with denims. Add sequins, shine and sparkle to your winter wardrobe to make them distinctive. Look effortlessly chic and mix and match your winter wardrobe staples to create fresh and stylish attire! Choose a cardigan hitting right below the hips and pair it with a simple T-shirt, for a smart yet laidback look. Scarves are easily the most multipurpose accessory in our wardrobes, ranging from different patterns, fabrics, textures to styles. They always add the right amount of spark to cold winter ensemble. So go for bold scarves to add brightness to your dreary dresses. Wear your dark wash jeans or jeggings with that chunky sweater or sweatshirt for that sleek shape! Wear a feminine, well-tailored blazer over a fitting dress or skirt-top. Pair statement socks and stockings with bright-colored skirts.

Men dress neat and sexy with cool hats, scarves, stylish winter coats, knit cardigans with jeans, retro styles, turtlenecks and tweeds, bombers and beanies. The idea is to look sharp and stay warm without sacrificing your innate sense of style. Present yourself as the respectable man that you are!



80s Glamour & Plenty of Pleating


Think of rock and roll, leathers, suede, fishnets, zippered skirts and sport some of the loveliest retro look of the 80s. One of the top winter fashion trends of 2017 would also be a bounty of pleats. Pleated midi skirts, side pleats and dual toned skirts will be all the rage. There will also be lots of velvets, with intriguing designs. It’s soft to touch and gorgeous to view with light shimmer, keeping you warm against cold winds. Velvet pantsuits and dresses will be a show stealer at social dos.


The Right Footwear


However elegant your apparel may be, it isn’t complete without the fitting footwear. Going with the current fashion trend, stock your winter wardrobe with latest designs in footwear, especially boots, high heels and pumps, which come in all possible colors, styles and frills. For boots, a black one cannot go wrong with any outfit, and hence, is a must have. Shoes are by far the most important and stylish accessory to go with outfits, so pick footwear that reflect your personal style and requirement. For women, choice in boots and other footwear is endless.

Men can opt for brogue boots, leather desert and hiking boots, duck boots, Chelsea boots, which are appropriate for the frosty days.



Now that you know what’s trendy and what’s not for winter fashion 2017, start shopping accordingly and make others envious with your collection! Unravel your own signature style and give a kick-ass start to winter!

What would you like to wear? Share your own views and tips on winter fashion which are comfortable and classy at the same time! 🙂 👒 👗 👠



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