Is Dumas Beach Really Haunted?


Are you one of those getting intrigued by paranormal and ghostly happenings? Then, this piece about the infamous Dumas beach might interest you! This urban beach is always found enlisted among India’s top haunted places and I’m sure all of you have pretty much read different travel blogs and websites featuring paranormal incidents talking about its eerie atmosphere and black sand, right?

Situated 21 kms away from Surat in Gujarat, this beach has many spooky stories associated which are sufficient to create goosebumps for any unaware traveler! On one hand, this place is a popular tourist site attracting families, couples and individuals spending refreshing moments. On the other hand, fabricated stories of ghosts and creepy happenings in Dumas beach are doing the rounds on the Internet for quite some time now. People living for years in Surat and visiting the beach more than five hundred times confirm that this exotic place has got nothing to do with spirits and being haunted!

Surat has many beaches to stroll and Dumas is just one among them. Rumors or if we call them stories doing the rounds on the Internet regarding Dumas, says many things that can scare the shit out of any first time traveler to this place. General belief is that Dumas beach was once the burial ground for the Hindus, that many innocent people walking alone in the beach never returned, the gushing air around the beach whispers in ears where nobody is present and so forth. The black sand of Dumas is generally believed to be the result of countless dead bodies being cremated here and their ashes getting mixed up with sea water creating this unique sand color. Are these facts true or simply sensational news being circulated on the Internet to create a scary effect on people’s mind? Whatever the reason, it becomes hard to accept such facts being an educated, young adult of today with a free spirited and scientific bent of mind. In 2016, with science and technology playing an instrumental role in our day-to-day life, solving the age-old Bermuda Triangle mystery and bringing to the forefront the real explanation behind the mishaps and disappearances related to this ‘mysterious’ place, compels us to question that how far these stories are genuine?  Let’s dig deep…

Nishit Jariwala, founder of and his enthusiastic team has represented few facts about Dumas with proper scientific research and explanation back in 2014, which makes the piece worth reading. In their two day visit, they asked locals, shopkeepers and vendors selling eatables and knick-knacks in the beach and in and around the coastline about anything uncanny or something that made them feel weird or if they witnessed anything unexplained ever. The answer was no. These vendors are the common people of this place coming in this beach every day for years to earn their living. As per their statements, no one has witnessed anything abnormal in Dumas Beach till date.


The team discovered nothing eerie at all on the first day. To keep you informed, Dumas has four beaches. Two are most crowded, and is thronged by couples, families and children, especially on the weekends. The third beach of Dumas is not known to many and has a graveyard; probably this is the place where Hindus were cremated long back. The beach is not populated and devoid of stalls except one or two. Even here, the stall owners denied of experiencing anything strange whatsoever. However, the BuddyBits team was not satisfied with their answers and they decided to visit this beach after dark and take pictures. But to their utter dismay, their cameras didn’t work on that day, for whatever reasons it may be. On the very next day, they went to the same spot and discovered yet another beach, the fourth one, located approximately 300 meters away from the third.

They were all prepared to witness eerie incidents as this beach was pitch dark. After roaming around for an hour, the team didn’t find anything hair raising or odd. But they succeeded in taking pictures of the beach, darkness, surroundings etc. After getting back to the hotel and transferring the pictures to the laptop, the team was even more disappointed as they didn’t find a single sign in the picture that would validate that the place was haunted. The pictures were completely dark except for few visible dots of lights almost similar to meteors here and there. Hence, so far, it appeared that all those Internet stories and ghost tales were untrue.

But later, the team investigated and researched on ghost photography, which actually brought forth a different twist to this ‘not so interesting’ probe. As per the paranormal activists, orb or balls of light which were captured in the pictures are visible evidence of spirits. However, colored orbs are quite common in digital and film photography caused by the coloring effects of the camera lens or may be different water or rain or other reflective surfaces. The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena or ASSAP explains that few of these orbs which are visible to the naked eye and have their own light source with distinct or bit strange patterns of movement can be referred as paranormal in nature.


After this discovery, the pictures taken in the dark started making sense to the team, where they could find many such orbs or light emitting plasma which truly substantiates the orb theory of the ghost hunters. If we go by this theory, then Dumas is undoubtedly haunted and if we go against, then this place didn’t show any creepy sign and is just a normal beach.

Now it’s your turn! We would love to hear from you if you have experienced anything strange while visiting Dumas Beach. We’re all ears!!



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