Who Is Better – A Coach Or A Teacher?


We’ve often heard the saying that a successful coach can be an excellent teacher. An expert coach is someone who can prepare a team and its individual members to face the toughest challenges with confidence and grit and come out as a winner! Several movies out there starting right from The Mighty Ducks, Miracle, Radio to Chak De! India, we’ve seen some excellent coaches and their motivational stories! A deft coach through effective training, guidance and instructions can make a novice and untrained team a world champion! Let’s take a look at the reasons why a coach is always a good teacher:

  • Coaches are never harsh with failures. They try to motivate a candidate after each fall. Coaches inspire the team members by saying that failures are the parts and parcel of our lives and if we do not taste failure, we can never motivate ourselves on realizing our goals. If you fail, it doesn’t mean that you’re incompetent or you’ll continue to be a failure forever. Failure actually highlights the areas you are neglecting or failure could just open a completely new avenue in your life altogether. In class room teaching, a student is taught not to fail, no matter what. As a result, students get scared of failures when in school. Contrarily, a teacher should ideally make students aware that adversities prepare an individual to face greater challenges in life.


  • No matter how less a sports person progresses, a coach never deters from acknowledging and appreciating the fact and motivating them to reach the next level of the journey. Inspiring an individual is the key to success when it comes to coaching. Every bit of progress is praised by an efficient coach. As a result, candidates get enthusiastic and optimistic on achieving the next level of excellence! Teachers should adapt proper acknowledgment of improvement for every student, no matter how minor the progress appears to be. In the long run, invigorating students with powerful and inspiring words and sayings prepare the best candidates.
  • A coach always motivates on comprehensive team work. It’s a successful team work that brings victory, no matter how tough the competition may turn out to be. Similarly, in school, a teacher should enthuse students on building effective teamwork. This teamwork can allow a student who’s finding a particular topic difficult, to understand and make progress accordingly with the help of other students. It’s not that teamwork is applied only in case of sports. Excellent teamwork is required everywhere to reach a particular goal in life. Teachers should encourage students in group learning or discussions regularly as a part of teamwork.


  • A coach is a master in extracting the very best from a person. They are strict in adhering to the dos and don’ts. In case, if they find any one slothful or not taking the instructions seriously, they make them work harder, just to make them understand the value of effort.

Coaches can make brilliant teachers and there is absolutely no doubt about the fact! Teachers are entrusted to prepare good students, above all a good human being. Strict principles are good, are needed but proper motivation, acknowledgment of progress, empathetic and understanding behavior with zero partiality can make a teacher an excellent coach and a sought after guide!


What are the other aspects you think that demarcate a coach and a teacher? Let us know in comments! I’m all ears!!


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