Ganesh Festival: 8 Things Which Are A Must For Appeasing Ganesha!


Also known as Ganapati, Lord Ganesha or the elephant-headed God of Hindu religion is one of the popular deities worshipped with complete devotion throughout India. Besides India, Nepal and Sri Lanka are the countries where Lord Ganesha is equally admired and worshipped with fervor! Even Jains and Buddhists worship Ganapati with utter dedication. In addition to all those folklore associated with this ‘peace loving God’, Lord Ganesha is quite known in Hindu mythology as lover of sweets and different kinds of sugary food. Today let’s find out the sweets and other things that make this ‘happy go lucky God’ most contented and bring you closer to Him in return:

  • Modak: These lovely dumplings are considered the most favorite sweet of Lord Ganesha. It originated in Maharashtra and is one of the key components in Ganesh Chaturthi. Modaks are made of rice flour or maida. It is used to create their shell type shape, almost identical to momos. Delicious jaggery and freshly grated coconut are stuffed into these dumplings and then either steamed or fried. On the steamed modaks, ghee is a must-add item making it super delicious! Modaks are of many types and colors.Ganpati-Special-Modak-Pooja-Thali
  • Laddoos: If someone is looking to please the Lord, never forget to offer motichur laddoo made of pure gram flour. Make sure it’s yellow in color as it satisfies the deity a lot and ushers in good luck! Also, offer laddoo to the God during aarti at his feet.


  • Durva Grass: A necessity of this ceremony, Durva Grass is a significant requirement of Ganesh Chaturthi. Worship of Lord Ganapati is considered incomplete without this special kind of grass. As the legends say, the Lord had once swallowed a demon named Analsura and his stomach started burning thereon. No amount of endeavor of other Lords could alleviate the condition of Ganesha. In such circumstances, a group of saints offered 12 bladed Durva grass and asked the Lord to eat it. His condition improved and pain subsided thereafter. Subsequently, Ganesha said that whoever worships him with Durva grass will receive his blessing and kindness!
  • Conch: Never forget to blow a conch while the puja is performed. Considered essential part of this ritual, the Lord himself holds shankh in his hands making it a customary practice.
  • Erukku: The embodiment of calmness and tranquility, it’s generally believed that Lord Ganesha frees the worshipper from different ailments if Erukku flower and its leaves are included in the worship session.


  • Hibiscus: If you are suffering from your enemies, offer the Lord Japaa flower. Considered as one of the favorites, offering Hibiscus to Ganesha as per the saying of Hindu mythology, eradicates negativity and brings in complete prosperity and positivity in one’s life!
  • Banana: Banana leaves or the fruit itself is considered auspicious offering to Lord Ganapati. Though one is free to offer any other seasonal fruit to the Lord, banana is considered as one of the favorites of the Lord. So if you want to pacify the God, do include banana among other things!


  • Puran Poli: A popular sweetmeat of Maharashtra, Puran Poli is yet another sweet dish loved by the Lord! Made of yellow gram flour, ghee and jaggery, Puran Poli can be a nice dish offered to Ganesha this season and welcome his blessings!

So make the most this festive season and Ganesh Chaturthi and offer your favorite sweet or fruit to the Lord!



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