Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration: How To Change Your Fortune With Ganesha Idols!


Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most auspicious Hindu festivals of India, which is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Ganapati or Ganesha! It’s a 10-day celebration of Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed God of Indian mythology. Lord Ganesha symbolizes prosperity, fortune and wisdom in Hindu religion. Popularly called Vinayaka Chaturthi, this festival is observed with immense fanfare across the country. Majority of events and customary practices of this festival are observed on the fourth day of the festivity as the word ‘Chaturthi’ embodies.

This year, Ganesh Chaturthi is on 5th September. Though most of the Indian states observe this day with utmost devotion, Maharashtra is especially famed for its grand scale revelry of this sacred event! Various decorative pandals are built in Mumbai, Pune and other cities in Maharashtra and the Lord is worshipped with complete fervor for ten consecutive days. Modak, different dry fruits and various flour made sweet preparations are served to the Lord. The celebration ends on Anant Chaturdashi, which is the day of immersion of the idol followed by a gala procession on road.

On this blessed occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi and considering Lord Ganesha as a sign of good fortune and wealth, let’s take a look at various types of Lord Ganesha statues, which can change your destiny in a big way:


Ganesha idols have always been considered harbingers of good luck and extremely auspicious in Vaastu and Hindu mythology and placing those in house ensures peace, success, happiness and prosperity for its occupants. According to Vastu, Ganesha is the God of opulence, good fortune and victory and placing certain types of Ganesha idols in house can eradicate all evil, negative energy and obstacles and bless his devotees with affluence and achievement in every sphere of life. Most of us might not know the right places or corners to keep Ganesha idols; hence, read below for the tips based on Vaastu:


  • White Ganesha is considered to be a sign of good luck, wealth, happiness and material comfort. Hence, bring a white Ganesha and place the statue in a way so that the back of the deity faces the outside of your house. If you cannot get a white Ganesha idol, even a picture of the same will also work wonders!
  • Place Ganesha idols in North-east corner of your house, which is considered auspicious. It’s also the best place for a puja room.
  • Face North or East while offering prayers to the idol.
  • East or West is also believed to be favorable corners. In all cases, make sure that the idol is visible.
  • Do not place Ganesha idols in South, as it is regarded to be inauspicious. Never ever place an idol near bathroom or across a wall attached to a bathroom.
  • Don’t place Ganesha idols under staircases.

Now let’s have a look at the various types of Ganesha idols you can keep in your house:


  • White Ganesha: Considered a symbol of happiness, peace and prosperity, a white Ganesha idol or picture will ensure all these in your life in no time at all.
  • Vermillion Ganesha: Those who seek self-growth should keep a vermillion Ganesha at home and worship daily.
  • Ganesha in sitting posture: Ensures good luck and success.
  • Standing Ganesha: Brings enthusiasm and energy in work. You can also place this idol in your workplace.


  • Ganesha with mouse & modak: Whenever placing an idol of Ganesha, make sure that a mouse and modak (Ganesha’s favorite sweet) are part of the statue. It is considered auspicious.


  • Idol made of mango & peepal: Idol of Ganesha made from mango, peepal and neem tree is favorable and placing such an idol on the door attracts positive energy and luck.
  • Ganesha idol made of cow dung: It is considered one of the luckiest, eradicating misfortune and attracting good luck.
  • Crystal Ganesha: Great for removing all Vaastu doshas from your house. It can change your life instantly!
  • Turmeric Ganesha: Ganesha idol made of turmeric is regarded as highly auspicious as per Vaastu. It can change your destiny within a short time.
  • Clay Ganesha made by your own hands: Promises a bright future. However, don’t use any impure materials while making the statue.
  • Silver Ganesha: Symbol of good fortune.


Few things to keep in mind:

Always remember to keep Ganesha statues with his trunk tilted towards his left hand; those with trunk tilted towards his right hand are difficult to please. Do not keep two or more Ganesha idols in your puja room, as it might displease Riddhi-Siddhi (Ganesha’s wives). Swastik is thought to be a symbol of Ganesha and should be placed at home to defend against Vastu dosha. Chant the Ganpati mantra “Om Gam Ganapataye Namah” and offer durva-dal (grass) while worshipping. Place Ganesha idol on a wooden table or any other rising platform and keep a bowl of rice at his feet for riches and good luck.





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