Worried About Weight Gain? Try Broccoli To Get Lean!


Are you worried about your increasing weight gain? Have tried different diet plans with no signs of weight loss? Go for a chicken and broccoli diet. Doesn’t it sound convincing? Follow this diet for a considerable amount of time and see the difference it makes with zero regrets! You need not exercise or follow any rigorous diet to shed those stubborn extra kilos. We know that chicken is a rich source of animal protein. On the other hand, broccoli sprouts are stashed with vitamin C and essential minerals. It’s also a storehouse of selenium and fiber.

Now, if you look into this diet, it is devoid of carbohydrates. Your body will lack water soluble carbohydrate while continuing this diet which would cause gradual weight loss. So the next question that rises here is how far it’s good for health. If this diet is continued for long, it might turn out to be unfavorable for your body. It has been found that we generally tend to become sluggish and lack enthusiasm when there is a deficiency of carbohydrate in our daily intake. What one can do here is add some rice to this diet plan. Make sure, the portion you take is small. Also, you can take noodles for a change but the amount should be same.


Now this diet can be easily made interesting if you can fry the chicken lightly. Or prepare a filling soup with boiled chicken and fried broccoli. Add few flavorsome spices to enhance taste. When you’re into this chicken and broccoli diet, try to exercise it for 14 to 20 days at the maximum. Try not to continue with this diet plan for a prolonged time to avert possible health hazards.

Apart from chicken, try to induce other protein forms into the diet with broccoli seeds. This cabbage family member is rich is antioxidants. Also, broccoli extract benefits and fights against cancer. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep broccoli in your diet. A lot of alkaline diet book says that people who consume broccoli have lesser chances of prostate cancer and various cardio vascular diseases. Broccoli is excellent to detox your body. Fresh broccoli provides the best nutrient unlike boiling and frying. If it’s steamed or microwaved, one still gets good nutrients of this vegetable. Tuna fish with broccoli and tomatoes can be a nice appetizing diet for a change. One can go for boiled eggs and broccoli with a pinch of salt to prepare an enticing diet meal as an alternative. Cooked fish, brown or white bread and broccoli can be another interesting way to continue with this diet plan with variety.


I completely agree to the fact that this type of diet is pretty hard to continue as it lacks taste and variety. But if you give lesser importance to your taste buds and higher priority to weight loss, this meal plan can help you effectively lose those extra kilos in no time at all. You can do away with blandness by cooking broccoli in fresh new ways. Don’t just stick to one form of protein. Implement different innovative ways to make this diet truly exciting!

Wondering what to do with leftover chicken & broccoli? Check out this video below for a lip-smacking recipe that’s sure to get your taste buds rolling!


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