Stressed and Depressed? These 11 Positive Energy Tips Can Help!


It often so happens that you’re sitting and chatting in a group and someone just walks in with gloomy face and a black cloud hanging over their head. Their negative and depressing energy actually repels you and you find your own mood getting affected by it. Hence, it’s always advisable to stay away from negative people or those who spread negativity. We all have our bad days. Our mind absorbs and experiences various kinds of energies throughout the day. While some are powerful and strongly felt, others are subtle and intuitive. It’s better to say that everything, in a way, has some sort of energy surrounding it. All the things that we say, think or do create an aura of energy that influences us as well as people around us.

Energy is anything that brings into play positive or negative reactions, coming to us in diverse forms. The music we’re listening to, the book we’re reading or even the bed we’re sleeping gives rise to specific reactions within us. Music generates the most powerful and recognizable form of energy. Good music and a musician can impact and invoke sensations in listeners significantly. Then there are books, movies, activities and surroundings which energize us. With these easy-to-follow tips, we can avoid negativity, negative people and situations and make our life healthy and a lot better with positive flow of energy! See how:

  1. Stop thinking negative and dwelling in past: Our life is a mix of good and bad. It all depends on how you respond to it. If something doesn’t go your way and you get victimized by bad mood, then negative energy will gain momentum. Every incident comes as a blessing or a lesson. Let go of past. Forgive others, yourself and learn from mistakes. You should always put a permanent end to negative thinking or living in the past and look forward with positivity and renewed vigor. Only then your life will improve for the better!
  2. Love and accept yourself as you are: No one is born perfect. We all have our fair share of flaws and merits. So learn to accept and love yourself. Stop criticizing others and yourself. Praise your high points. Indulge in something you love and pamper yourself once in a while. This will instill more positivity in you.
  3. Practice meditation, yoga, aerobics or something you like: Practice compassion and love. Engage your mind in something you’re fond of, like yoga, meditation, swim, bike ride, running, walk, aerobics, dancing or any other form of physical activity. Meditation and workouts release feel-good endorphins, which keep you fit mentally and physically. Exercise removes your worries, stress and tension and improves your mental state considerably, thus increasing positivity.
  4. Be grateful for what you have: Appreciate the little things you have. Count your blessings instead of cribbing about what you don’t have or what you’ve lost. Appreciate your struggles and frustrations, which actually enrich you.
  5. Laugh & smile a lot: A smile or laugh costs nothing yet goes a long way! A simple smile or a heartwarming laugh lifts your mood in a jiffy, making you feel positive and way better. Surround yourself with those who make you laugh.
  6. Practice a hobby: Cultivate something which makes you tick, like creative writing, learning music, collecting and reading books, painting, cooking or anything which interests you. Practicing a hobby fills your mind with positivity and takes away negative thoughts.
  7. Clean, de-clutter and beautify your home: Home is where the heart is. So clean your home and do away with clutter. Deck up your home with warm colors, showpieces, artworks, curtains and proper lighting. A beautifully adorned home will attract more positive energy and good things in your life.
  8. Wear red & fresh flowers: You might not know this, but including more red in your wardrobe and home décor will ring in a positive, auspicious and welcoming atmosphere. The same goes for fresh flowers, which ward off negative energy filling it with positive ones.
  9. Make a change: Only change is constant. So initiate changes, however small it is. Get a new haircut, go for shopping, enroll for a gym or dance lessons or just change the way your dress up. A little change will welcome more positive energy and make you feel happy.
  10. Plan a vacation: Traveling recharges you. Plan a vacation for your near and dear ones or just for yourself. It fills you with positivity, transforming us fundamentally. Go to a place you’ve been dreaming for some time. Soak in the beauties of nature.
  11. Help the needy: There’s nothing more fulfilling and blissful perhaps than seeing smile on the faces of those in need. Helping the deprived and poor like donating food, clothes and money will change your life in a way you cannot possibly imagine!

These tips can be easily followed without any excuse! You are in charge of controlling your mood. Let go of any negativity and make room for positive energy to flow. Dream, love, live and laugh more!

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