Boutique Hotel – A dynamic hotel trend providing inspiring and diverse vacation!


Diverse landscape, rich culture, history and striking landmarks and attractions make India a profitable tourism market for various international organizations and tourists. Hospitality industry, an important component of tourism recognizes this potential, exponential growth of native travelers and their occupancy level in different hotels across the country and thereby generating massive revenue. Having said that, Indian travel landscape off late are going through some exciting trends with boutique hotels occupying an important part.

What is a boutique hotel?

Unlike other luxury hotels, a boutique hotel is smaller in size. It has few rooms but not too small with a minimum of ten rooms to be considered as a proper boutique hotel. These arty hotels in India have increased in considerable numbers in few years down the line. As an alternative to the luxurious 5-star hotels, boutique hotels are well known for providing unique experiences and superior hands-on services to the travelers. This strong marketing trend of the hospitality industry proves that it’s open for changes to boost tourism to the T! These lifestyle hotels are focused on providing exclusive surroundings to the boarders with unique décor, transporting them to an absolutely different era altogether!

Key factors to consider in a boutique hotel:

  • Boutique hotels are generally built in an accessible location from the city center. To provide an ultimate feeling of adventure and closeness with surroundings, boutique hotels are generally situated in a bit isolated section of a city. But that doesn’t sidetrack comfort and luxury offered in these hotels to their guests in any way.
  • A boutique hotel is more geared towards providing unique staying experiences to the occupant. They are more targeted on providing exclusive features like spa, eco-friendly environment, outstanding designs, health and wellness, detox etc. to the boarders.
  • Every room in a boutique hotel has different eye-catching themes to make it look special and stand out from normal hotels! Besides, rooms in these hotels are segregated as garden view, pool view, sea view and so on. Also, roof top spaces and co-working areas are increasingly getting importance in boutique hotels to attract leisure and business travelers together.
  • Individual attention is a significant feature of boutique hotel. Unlike large hotels, these small privately run hotels are more catered towards providing personal services to each resident with utmost care.
  • With a wider mix of culture and taste, Indian hotel industry sees a larger difference in life style and mindset with an equal inflow of middle class, upper middle class and international tourists in these hotels. To keep up with their varying standards, these boutique hotels concentrate on modern technology with internet enabled services, striking art & room decor, contemporary style in colors, state-of-the-art lighting arrangements and music facilities. From ultimate relaxing zones for lone travelers, keyless entries, ordering food from local food joints to media streaming, these boutique hotels have every facility that a modern day backpacker prefers!

Besides providing a memorable staying experience, these boutique hotels are a great value for money. Tripzuki, a direct online booking platform for various boutique hotels in India confirms that in current context young travelers in their early 20s to mid 50s are keener on having a diverse and inspiring travel experience unlike earlier. As the new government is paying higher attention on India as an emerging hotspot for travel enthusiasts via ‘Make in India’ and other lucrative tourism policies, hotel industry will see an increasing growth in 2016-2017, which includes both normal and boutique style. As more and more ingenious hoteliers and budding entrepreneurs are getting associated with hotel industry, India is gradually becoming a sought-after destination for boutique hotels with promising future. To conclude, positive trends and rapidly growing statistics of cottage travel industry of India rightly shows that this country still remains a rewarding travel destination rich as ever!



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