10 Tips To Look Super Cool In Monsoon 2016!


With the prevailing monsoons, you should change your wardrobe and start using stuffs tailor-made for this particular season. Do away with leather shoes, long skirts and trousers and white clothing absolutely. For office goers, college students and regular commuters, going out in the middle of pitter-patter raindrops or torrential downpour is quite distressing with splash marks on your clothes from moving vehicles and potholes. But that shouldn’t stop you from looking fashionable during the rainy season. Just jazz up your wardrobe with the tips below:

  • Go bright this season. When you are buying raincoats, make sure it’s bright and in short length. Red, Pink, Orange and other vibrant hues should rule your wardrobe during monsoons. Avoid greys and whites.
  • Keep away from long trousers and flowing skirts.
  • Buy silk fabric during monsoons and stun everyone! Silks and chiffons are the fabrics that go really well with this dull weather. They’re light weight and soak sweat instantly!
  • Ditch your denims and try short dresses like formal skirts for offices, shorts and capris for outings and other fun parties.
  • Go printed this monsoon. While buying an umbrella, choose transparent and printed ones. Check out quirky or funky prints as an alternative to boring solid colors.
  • Printed silk fabric also looks great during monsoons. If you are too keen on wearing traditional sarees, buy silk fabric sarees during rainy season and grab attention! Buy raw silk fabric online and create your own monsoon fashion statement this season!
  • For shoes, always select rubber-based shoes to avoid skidding.
  • Also, for girls, keeping hair open is a strict no-no. Style up with a neat bun or a nice braid for a tidy look as well as managing your tresses easily!
  • Your accessories should also be in sync with the season. Carry water resistant backpacks instead of your favorite side bags. Make sure you select bright hued backpacks to go with the season and create a fashion statement that’s bold and bright!
  • Monsoon is the season to showcase your colorful side. Spruce up your look with some neon-colored neck pieces and clutches.

Follow the above tips and sprinkle some fun and excitement into your wardrobe! You can be sure of stealing the show. Do let us know in comments what you think!!


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