Solo travelling – A journey of self-discovery!


Though majority of people prefer group tours keeping various advantages and perspectives of travelling in mind, solo travelling has its own charm along with fair share of annoyances! Unlike a group tour, going solo undoubtedly gives one enough room to explore a place in his/her own way! Travelling alone provides boundless liberty to any individual and trying out different things. He/she might spend an entire day just strolling in an exotic beach, trying adventure feats, shopping or picking up some knick knacks from a souvenir shop, exploring a museum or a famous archaeological spot, taking a body massage and so on. When one goes solo, he or she is actually in a self indulgent mood with no one to interfere and dictate. Solo travelling can be a life-changing experience, provided he or she is ready to take the plunge. When it comes to destinations, Europe is by far the most stable and safe continent for solo travelers.

Why Europe?

As per ITB World Travel Tends Report December 2015, the outbound travel in European communities increased by 4.5 percent in comparison to Asia Pacific, South America and North America. Individually Germany tops the chart as the world travel champion followed by the UK and the US. As per FCO report, in 2014, more than 711,595 tourists visited Switzerland, 241,000 British nationals visited Iceland in 2015 with 33 percent increase than the previous year. Besides, Hungary, Ireland and Poland are preferred locations for the British and others.

Few handpicked tips that every solo traveler should remember:

  • Thoroughly research the place, its people, culture, hotel and various online reviews of travelers who have already been there
  • Make a background check of cultural disturbance, if any
  • Keep dear ones at home well informed about the travelling schedule, destination and everyday information so that they can take immediate steps for unforeseen circumstances
  • Try to travel light with important things like passports, ID proof, tickets, hotel reservation documents and other key information handy
  • Always have important phone numbers within reach
  • Avoid getting drunk
  • Dress like locals
  • Do keep something for self protection
  • Make sure the GPS is activated while walking and driving
  • Keep some essential medicines handy
  • Divide cash between purse and cargo luggage keeping minimum amount in the latter
  • Always carry your cabin and purse/wallet everywhere

3 best European countries solo travelers can visit:

  • Denmark – Known for its striking architectural marvel, Denmark can be a delight for any travel enthusiast! An ideal place for shopaholics, Denmark is quite a safe haven for women solo travelers. Some of the must-sees: Tivoli gardens, national museum, Nyhavn, The Round Tower, Lyngby-open air museum, Hans Christian Anderson Museum and Kronborg Slot.
  • Finland – Chosen world design capital in 2012, Helsinki is known for its striking architecture and vibrant culture. Helsinki being the main crowd puller in terms of tourist attraction in Finland, Turku comes second in popularity. Some of the best attractions that one can explore are: Hameenlinna, National Museum in Helsinki, enthralling northern lights, Archipelago National Park, the market square of Turku – the nerve center of the city etc.
  • Portugal – If one is looking for a relaxing sojourn, enjoy exotic beach and taste some of the best wines and lip smacking delicacies, Portugal can be an ideal getaway for any solo traveler! Some of the key attractions: Palacio Nacional de Sintra, Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, Convento do Cristo.

Travelling solo allows one to come out of comfort zone and explore the world in their own way without getting into a routine. Safety and choosing the right destination with complete knowledge about the current political scenario are the two most crucial points that every lone traveler should abide by. If it’s taken care of rightly, solo excursions can be truly rewarding!



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